Denial is an unconscious primitive defense mechanism by which individuals with cancer, addiction and other painful reality use self deception for short periods of time to lessen the impact of their situation. These individuals may get stuck at this point, which could be fatal.

Denial mechanisms

Chemically induced blackout: a complete loss of memory while apparently functioning in a normal fashion. Alcohol/drugs interfere with memory storage process.

Psychologically induced blackout: shameful memories are repressed and suppressed by unconscious instinctive methods.

Euphoric recall: pleasant feeling memories are remembered while slurred words; exaggerated gestures or staggering is forgotten.

Other’s denial

Family, employer, coworker and societies denial:

He/she is not that bad… yet!!! Who thinks of drunkenness as a drug overdose?

Alcohol & other drugs may seem safe for most people making them harder to accept as dangerous drugs.

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