We stop our primary addiction one day at a time.  Accept treatment and recognize that no more than ten percent of recovery takes place in treatment center.  Full recovery from the neurological and physiological consequences of chemical dependence requires approximately 6-24 months or more for alcohol (the most forgiving of drugs) and up to 5 years and beyond for other drugs. Data not available for codependence.  Post acute withdrawal syndrome (paws) includes rebalancing the neurotransmitters and chemistry of the brain and the body’s central nervous system.

The following symptoms may persist:

Inability to think clearly Memory problems Emotional overreactions or numbness Sleep disturbances Physical coordination problems Stress sensitivity When health returns often so does denial.


After 32 years of marriage, I had finally had enough of my spouse’s alcoholism.  I gave him the ultimatum that he quit drinking, gets help or our relationship was over.  He did that, and then began the awareness of my codependence.  I had compared my relationship to that of my parents, and believed mine was nowhere near that bad.  I accepted behaviour that was abusive, mentally, sexually, and emotionally.  I believed the problem belonged to my alcoholic spouse.

I soon was faced with my denial of enabling him, and of my addiction to spite and anger.  I had used anger to keep people away and not get hurt and I was not prepared to willingly give that up.  I have had to accept that this behaviour was affecting all of my family and friends.  I have to work every day finding more appropriate methods of interacting.


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