The Twelve Steps


The twelve step program pioneered by alcoholics anonymous is one of many tools used by our program. The following is a brief description of the steps to those unfamiliar with them.

Step one confronts toxic shame as members admit powerlessness in fighting their addiction alone and their lives have become unmanageable.

Step two challenges members to accept that their best thinking got them to where they are and that they need accept help outside of themselves.

Step three further asks members to risk trusting that source of help to provide guidance and support.

Steps four and five asks us to look at our assets and liabilities and share them with another person to ultimately gain self-understanding and self-acceptance.

Steps six and seven invites us to challenge and change those outdated defense mechanisms and survival tools.

Steps seven and eight is about examining and healing our relational past with a look to improving our ability to interact with others in healthier ways.

Step ten asks us to practice humility through self-examination on a daily basis and admit when we are wrong.

Step eleven is slowing down and using tools such as meditation or prayer to improve our ability to hear the things we need to hear from our source of help.

Step twelve is about sharing the experience strength and hope our recovery gives us with others.

You may have had preconceived notions about the twelve steps. We ask that you keep an open mind until you reach a more thorough understanding.

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